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Plush Chenille Yarn

$ 10.49 USD$ 10.99 USD

WATCH a VIDEO  showing how to use this yarn before using it!

BeCozi Plush chenille has been custom made per our request, is it a new addition to our chenille yarn family!

Is soft and beautiful, It is about 2/3 inch thick, made from 100% Acrylic in a different way than Chunky chenille yarn

It looks and feels very plush and soft. It is great for blankets, the blanket will be big and chunky and much heavier than Chunky or Jumbo chenille!
You can make a hat, a scarf, a pet bed, anything you can come up with! 

Care: wash in cold water, gentle quick cycle with a full load of similar colors items.

Yarn comes in skeins of 8 oz, about 25 yards

Great for hand or arm knitting or knitting with big needles

How much you will need:

(estimated measurements are offered for medium tight knitting. For tighter knitting add one - two more skeins, depends how tight you knit)

          A cowl/infinity scar: one skein

          A long scarf: two skeins

          Cat bed: two skeins

          Round pillow: one skein

          Baby blanket: 25x30 inches - 3 skeins, start with 15 stitches

         Lap size throw 30x50 in: six skeins - start with 19 stitches

          Medium size throw 40x60 in: eight skeins - start with 23 stitches

          Large blanket 50x60 in: eleven skeins - start with 28 stitches

          How to calculate the number of stitches to start:

         Divide a width of a blanket to make by 1.7

         A blanket of 40 inches wide: 40/1.7=23 stitches


Plush Chenille Yarn

$ 10.49 USD$ 10.99 USD