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Cat Bed, Merino Wool

$ 59.00 USD
Cats love to nest and hide into soft and warm placed. This chunky Merino bed is
great for your kitty as it is super soft and cozy

It will be a great place for your cat to sleep. This cozy bed is perfect for little dogs too!

Spoil your little friend with this amazingly soft and beautiful cat bed!

 She will love it and will enjoy it for a long time  

    Color shown in picture: Silver gray
    Size in picture: 13x16 inches 
    Size: Medium

This beautiful super chunky cat bed is soft, warm and is made in a circle to encourage your kitty to lounge in it all the time

It is made from 100% Australian Merino sheep wool which is one of the finest and softest in the world

 It feels incredibly soft and gentle to the touch and animals simply love to be around it

 The wool yarn is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and wicks moisture away from their fur coat

 It regulates body temperature, keeping your pet warm and comfortable, never too hot

Dry clean or wash in cold water with mild soap. Lay flat to dry

Cat Bed, Merino Wool

$ 59.00 USD