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BeCozi Tube Yarn

BeCozi Tube Yarn

$ 32.00 USD

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BeCozi Tube Yarn is a cotton tube filled with polyester fiber

Tube Yarn is strong and durable, yet soft and beautiful, it is washable, children and pet-friendly

If you hear about Ohhio braid, our tube yarn is very similar to it

It is perfect for a super bulky knitting project: blanket, cushion or a pet bed

Tube Yarn is measured in yards and pounds

 How much Tube Yarn you need to hand knit most popular products:

  • Round pillow - 15 yards/1lbs
  • Square cushion 20x20 in - 30 yards/2 lbs
  • Cat bed, 16` diameter - 45 yards/3.5 lbs
  • Baby blanket/Small rug 25x30 in - 45 yards/3.5 lbs
  • Lap Size Throw 30 x 50 in — 90 yards/6.5 lbs. Cast on 11 stitches
  • Medium Size Blanket 35 x 60 in — 135 yards/9 lbs. Cast on 13 stitches 
  • Medium Plus Size blanket 40 x 60 in - 165 yards/11 lbs. Cast on 15 stitches
  • Large Size Blanket 50 x 70 — 200 yards//13 lbs. Cast on 19 stitches 


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