Spring Has Sprung

Spring months have been busy for BeCozi and we've been enjoying growing and meeting people from all over.

We have been featured on FaveCraft.com in April, and on May 7-8 BeCozi store participated in an Annual Holland Tulip Time Art and Craft show using the opportunity to show everybody our amazing products in real life. People's reaction was overwhelmingly positive: we had people stopping by our booth for two days straight saying only "wow" and hardly being able to wait to touch our soft Merino wool. 

Our spring collection has grown and we have over 130 items in our online store at this time. Some of new products are very unique - like a crochet rug with electrical lights inside! This is definitely not your everyday rug and is bound to impress everyone walking into your home.

We reached almost 300 followers on Twitter, over 400 followers on Facebook and over 1,000 on Instagram! 

We are working on our YouTube channel, it will be a great source for anybody who is interested in giant knitting. Last week we uploaded a video introducing Merino wool and how to knit with it. We are planning to have one video a week showing how to knit with super chunky Merino wool yarn. Check out our intro video below.


Subscribe to our YoutTube channel to receive new tutorials as soon as they are posted. Next week, I will be showing my unique way of hand knitting that I use to make all my products.

Enjoy the warm weather and BeCozi!