Are you a Social media influencer? Small business owner making and selling blankets? Or just a social person with lots of friends? You can make some extra money promoting BeCozi yarns and products by becoming our Affiliate Assistant:

-  We will create and give you a unique discount code you can give your followers, for example YARN10. They can use it and get a 10% off discount on all our products. At the end of every mont we will count all orders that used this coupon and will send you a check in the amount of 10% from the monthly sales. For example: you sent 25 people who have bought our yarn using your YARN10 coupon and the amount of sales was $2,500/month; it means that we will send you a check for $250 for that month. We will be sending checks when an amount is $100 or more.

- The more times your unique coupon is used for sales at - the more money you make!

We have some Social media influencers receiving a check of a few thousand dollars on busy months!

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