3 Reasons to Get Into Chunky Knitting Now

Ah, summer. When the flowers bloom and the temperatures crawl up to a number that finally makes you pull out those shorts. 

It is also a time off from school, a perfect chance to take that Europe vacation or to take up a project that will help you relax after a commute home after work. 

This summer, celebrate yourself with self-care and self-love. What's a better way than knitting something that you will love forever? 

1. DIY Merino Wool Blanket

The joy of Merino wool is not only in its texture and softness, it is also in the ease with which you can make something as gorgeous as the blanket above. 

Arm knitting, or hand knitting as shown in our many YouTube videos, is a wonderful way to relax and get in the zone. Think of it as yoga for your hands. 

For those who want more of a challenge, consider the cable knit DIY pattern instead - it's more complicated and will kick in your puzzle-loving skills. 

2. DIY Quadracolor Chenille Yarn Blanket


You thought Merino was all the rage? Try chenille and you might just change your mind. 

This gorgeous yarn feels heavenly to the touch and is surprisingly durable. It is not afraid of traveling to picnics and camping trips, and loves being brought outdoors. 

Take it with you on your porch swing or while watching 4th of July fireworks. The oohs and aahs you'll hear will make your heart swell with pride at your creation. 

3. DIY Merino Pet Bed 


Whether you are the happy owner of a fur child of the canine or feline variety, there is nothing quite like gifting something handmade to your fur baby. 

Dogs and cats love Merino wool with love impossible to understand. Our own cat, after extensive catnip-like sniffing of the yarn, begins to gently knead on it before passing out in the middle. 

For dogs & Cats - Check out this DIY Pets Bed

Do you have a DIY project in mind you'd love us to put together? Comment below and let us know what DIY package we should put together next.