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5 Blankets Perfect For Christmas Gifts

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Time is ticking and Christmas is only 16 days away! That means that you have less than three weeks to order and receive your perfect Christmas gift. 

December 12, is the LAST DAY to order your blanket and December 17 - last day to order any yarn and DIY kits to receive your perfect Christmas gift on time!

Online shopping may seem easy and fast but you shouldn't put it off until the very last minute. Shipping during the holidays slows down as the post office is overwhelmed, stock can fluctuate and extra time is just good to have to get ahead of any unpredictabilities. 

That is why here at BeCozi we have knit a ton of blankets for you that are ready to be shipped now! As in, today.

Which means that your beautiful blanket will arrive in our awesome BeCozi storage bag, already gift wrapped, ready to go under a tree in just a few business days. 

To top it all off, these pre-made blankets have been discounted in price just for you. What a deal! Check out all our blankets in the clearance section here.

Without further ado, here are our five amazing blankets that will undoubtedly make you the best gift-giver ever. 

1. Chunky Tube Blanket

Have you heard about our Chunky cotton tube yarn? It's fabulous: a simple poly fill surrounded by a cotton material that makes for a fabulous blanket. Easy to clean and a perfect conversation starter. This one is 25% off and a must as a Christmas gift! 

Buy yours here

2. Merino wool blanket, Single ribbing

There is nothing better than a Merino wool blanket adorned with a beautiful ribbing pattern. Modern yet classic in its appearance, this one is sure to please anyone who receives this as their Christmas gift in 16 days. 

Snag this one before it's gone - we only have one made and ready to ship now!

3.Chocolate Merino Braid Throw

Our original simple braid knit is the most popular for a reason - there is something about the shape of a braid that is calming and reassuring. This beautiful throw in rich Chocolate color will make your gift recipient feel cozy and warm and reminding them about a cup of hot chocolate. 

This beautiful blanket can be purchased here. 

4. Chunky Chenille Throw 

For lovers of chenille, the yarn that is lighter than Merino but just as fluffy, this gorgeous blue throw will be a winner. Gift it to your spouse or parents and watch their faces break into a smile at the sight of this stunning piece. 

Get it here

5. Plum Felted Merino Ornate Blanket

Looking for something totally unique and unpredictable? This plum felted Merino blanket is a total stunner! Made with an exquisite pattern, it is sure to draw attention to its luxury and style. You probably already have someone in mind who would absolutely love this. 

Make sure to get it for them as we only have one available! 

Every single one of these gorgeous blankets will come in a bag, gift wrapped for free. Less hassle for you and more enjoyment of the holidays. 

So hurry up and get your Christmas shopping done with these blankets that are all ready to find their new, happy owners. 

Snap a photo of your favorite person unwrapping their Becozi blanket and post it on our Instagram with the #mybecozi - we'd love to see our products find people who love them. 

Happy shopping, stay warm and BeCozi! 


GREAT NEWS: BeCozi is now an officially registered trademark! 

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