5 Knitting Projects To Try This Summer

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

If winter encourages us to explore our roots and enjoy the slow, quiet moments and the long nights, summer does the opposite. It demands action, excitement and movement. The sun is out, the water is calling. So many activities to explore while daylight seems to stretch on forever.

But even in the hustle and bustle of summertime there will be moments of quiet where you'll want something to occupy your mind. Whether it's while sitting on your back porch and listening to the birds sing or while the kids are playing and you have a moment to do what you love. 

These moments are a perfect time to pull out your summer knitting projects. And today we're here to give you a few ideas of what to try making for your home. (All our patterns are FREE when you purchase any of our yarn. Discount is applied at checkout)

1. Bucket Cat Bed

It's a strange but real phenomena - cats love circles. But with this gorgeous pet bed, your canine friend won't mind climbing in either. 

Made out of durable and pet-friendly tube yarn, this bed is easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect companion for your four-legged friend. 

Make one yourself with our video tutorial or have us make one for you

2. Crochet Flower Pillow 

This adorable flower pillow is a perfect summer knitting project - fun, easy to make and takes no time to finish. 

We recommend using our gorgeous Jumbo chenille yarn for this pillow, and combining two bright colors will be a perfect way to complement your home decor. 

Check out the video tutorial here or buy a ready one here.

3. Circular Merino Wool Rug

Getting out of bed just got so much easier - simply step onto this rug and the softness and warmth will lift your mood and set a good tone for the rest of the day. 

Have us make a gorgeous chunky rug for you using our beautiful Merino wool or make one yourself using our Video tutorial.   

4. Jumbo Chenille Cat Cave

While most of our pet beds are for both cats and dogs, this lovely cave is specifically for the cat lovers and their pets who are out there. 

Your kitty already hides in cardboard boxes and paper bags, take their hiding game to the next level. 

Make your cat a gorgeous cat cave watching our video here or buy a ready-made one here

5. Tube Yarn Round Pillow 

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Originally an Ohhio design, this lovely round pillow is simple and sophisticated, making this a fast and easy summer knitting project. 

Use our chunky tube yarn to achieve the same sleek look. 

Make this on your own following Ohhio's tutorial or have us make one for you

Have other ideas for summer projects? Let us know what they are in comments. 

Happy knitting and BeCozi!