5 Summer Knitting Ideas

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Summer is here! Warm and nice, with sunshine and holidays and going to a beach!

But just because the weather is warm doesn't mean you should put your yarn and needles away for the season. 

With our large selection of lightweight yarn such as chunky chenille and jumbo chenille, or yarn that is easily cleaned and maintained such as tube yarn, you can continue enjoying your hobby through the warmer months. We have a multitude of fun summer colors to choose from and this is the perfect time to work on projects in bright shades of blue, green, yellow and pink. 

Today we'd like to share our 5 favorite summer knitting ideas with you, to inspire you to continue knitting well into July. 

1. Chunky Floor Cushion

Whether it's summer or winter outside, we all love lounging around the living room with our families and pets. Watching TV, playing games or just relaxing is made perfect with our floor cushion.

Call it a floor donut, a mini bean bag or whatever else you know it as - either way this cozy cushion is perfect to sink onto at the end of the day. 

Have us make one for you here

2. Chunky Vest 

While the vest in the photo above is made with Merino, for a perfect summer project we recommend making one with chenille yarn. Perfect to throw over your tshirt when it cools down at night and be the source of many a compliment while about town. 

With chenille this vest will keep you warm but will allow your skin to breathe. Choose one in color yellow like above to feel extra summery! 

We'd love to make one for you here

3. Barrel Pillow 

Nothing says summer quite like a bright-colored pillow on your living room sofa. Our barrel pillow is extremely popular for a reason - perfect for tucking right under your neck, the shape is cozy and fun. Not to mention all the colors you can make it in! 

Have us make one for you here or get the pattern here and make one for yourself. 

4. Chunky Rug 

Whether you make this in a plain color or multiple like in the photo above, a chunky rug is a perfect summer project. Put it in the kids room, your play room or the living room for an extra burst of color and softness! 

Have us make one for you or watch the video to learn how to knit one yourself. 

5. Chunky Wreath

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch chunky wreath

Wreaths are so versatile and fun. It's such an easy way to add some color to the face of your home - your front door. Not only will this make you smile every time you walk through the door, it will be a great conversation starter for your guests. 

Imagine making this with our gorgeous chunky chenille yarn in bright summer colors such as this vibrant green! 

Perfect for a baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, you name it! Think of the color possibilities! 

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Whichever project you choose, make sure to post your work in progress in our BeCozi Hand Knitting Club - we love to see your creations! 

Keep knitting and BeCozi!