5 Things You Can Knit with New Multicolored Chenille

becozi multicolored chenille chunky yarn

As the days are getting shorter and the night descends on our cities sooner than any of us anticipate, it is a perfect time and a perfect season for celebrating the cozy. 

The Danes even have a word for it - hygge - that encompasses warmth, coziness, comfort and light. In short, everything wonderful about the winter season, a season of nesting. 

We are celebrating winter by getting our long-awaited stock of multicolored chenille yarn in and ready to go out into your homes. 

Here are a few ideas of projects you can undertake that would be a perfect use of this fun yarn. 

1. Chunky Chenille Hat

Don't know how to knit a hat? Not to worry. With our detailed instructional video you will have a hat in hand in less than an hour. Just imagine how fun it would be to have a hat like no one else does, all made by your two very own hands! 

Choose from any of our multicolored chenille and get going! 

2. Chunky Chenille Pet Bed


 You shouldn't be the only one to benefit from your knitting hobby. How about making something warm and cozy for your furry friend? 

Our variegated chenille can make a beautiful pet bed that your fur child won't want to get out of. 

Check it out here and get yours before the holidays! 

3. Chunky Chenille Blanket

Talk about cozy - this blanket would be the ultimate thing to curl under in front of your fireplace while binging your favorite Netflix show. Have someone else who wants to share? Make your blanket even bigger to fit the whole family! 

Make one yourself or have us make one for you!

4. Chunky Chenille Pillows


What could be better for an accent in your living room than a fun, colorful round pillow? With our multicolored chenille these round pillows would be both fun and functional. Watch our video here to learn how to make one.

Get some chenille yarn for yourself here and make a pair for your home. 

5. Chunky Chenille Rug 

Making a chenille rug is arguably even easier than knitting a hat! With our awesome tutorial here you can follow detailed instructions and make a beautiful rug while getting cozy in your home. 

Just imagine waking up first thing in the morning and stepping onto the softness of a rug like this!

Get your yarn and get going! 


We urge you to join the movement and celebrate winter just as excitedly as any other season. There is a reason we cycle through seasons, and winter is for getting rooted and for recharging our batteries for the awakening of spring. 

And in the meantime, stay warm and Becozi! 



A fun new addition to our felted Merino wool stock - two new colors, white and periwinkle. Check it out and make sure to stock it for yourself.

becozi felted merino chunky knitting