5 Ways To Add Mint To Your Home

becozi 5 ways to add mint to your home chunky blanket home decor

Browsing Pinterest you are bound to stumble upon a photo of a home decor item in beautiful mint. Not quite green, not quite blue but somewhere in between.

Inspiring peacefulness, relaxation and making you imagine the breeze off the sea, saltwater taffy and maybe a summer cottage; mint is known for its freshness and character. 

But how do you incorporate it into home decor without going overboard?

Not to worry! We have put together five easy ways to add the color mint to your home to add that freshness and color you're seeing without drowning in a sea of mint. 

With just a few tasteful accents to start you can be well on your way to sprucing up any room in your home. 

1. Mint Frame Set 

(Via Etsy)

There is nothing quite like an array of vintage frames in mint on your wall. With their beautiful design, a subtle array of hues, these frames will make the eye pause and admire what's within.

For an even fresher look leave some of the frames empty, strategically balancing out the color spread. 

2. Mint Chairs 

(Via Hey There Home

A couple of mint chairs in your dining room or even at the entryway can easily add color to the space without overwhelming it. Place these in rooms with abundant natural light as it will reflect off the color and enhance it further. 

3. Mint Chunky Blanket 

becozi merino wool chunky blanket mint

One of very own, a chunky Merino blanket is not only perfect for any season with its temperature regulating qualities. It is also a statement piece, perfect in mint as an addition to your living room, bedroom or nursery. 

Get yours here. 

4. Mint Throw Pillows 

(Via Etsy)

The wonderful thing about mint accent pillows is that they literally go with any color. Throw them on a dark sofa and they serve as the much needed color pop. Place them on a pastel or neutral love seat and they instantly round out the decor to make it feel homey and complete. 

5. Mint Side Table 

(Via Ida Interior Lifestyle)

Have an empty hallway that is looking lonely and unused? Add this sweet little side table to it and put a few dry twigs, a candle and maybe a picture frame to add both storage and character to your home. 

Do you have any mint home decor items in your home? What is your favorite way of using mint? We would love to hear from you and see how you are incorporating this beautiful color into your living spaces. 

Happy December, stay warm and Becozi!