How it all started?

Let me introduce myself: My name is Larissa and live in Holland, Michigan. I am the owner of Becozi and this website. My company - Becozi - started on a winter day in December in cold West Michigan. But, the history of its formation goes way back.

In school, during my teenage and young adult years I loved to knit. I knitted amazing scarves and sweaters. My daughter, who is an adult now, can remember those cool sweaters I knitted for her when she was a little girl. Life took me away from knitting. I needed to provide for my family as a single mom. This led me to having interesting jobs and owning a couple of businesses. I knitted a scarf or a pair of socks from time to time but being busy with my job or business, I did not have much time to do it.

The past summer was hard for me emotionally. I had to close my business of 5 years. While looking for a job, I was thinking: what kind of business I could start instead of looking for a job? A business that would not only be beneficial financially but would be something I would really like to do. I read numerous articles in magazines and online. Everywhere I read the same: find something you really like to do and then learn how to make profit while doing it. I thought about my likes and hobbies and could not imagine any of them bringing any profit.

The search for the right job did not bring any luck. To encourage myself, I decided to try to knit again. I remember how calming and soothing it was before. I found some yarn in the corner of a closet and started knitting a scarf. One evening looking online for "jobs from home" I found a free webinar teaching how to open an online store. I listened to it and thought to myself: this is something I could do. But WHAT would I sell?? Wise people and books tell you: when you really want something - it will happen! Well, I really wanted to start a new business. I realized that finding a job that would be fulfilling financially and emotionally would not be easy. I also realized that being an entrepreneur by nature makes me anxious to have my own business again. To create something people will like and use on a daily basis. This all led to where I am now. I listened to that webinar and thought about what product my online store could be selling. Then I saw this amazingly beautiful Merino wool blanket on the Internet. I immediately fell in love with the giant stitches and incredibly beautiful look. I bought some Merino wool and knitted my first item.

That was the beginning of my love for Merino wool. I started arm knitting which felt amazing. I learned that Merino Wool for arm knitting is not a yarn you can buy at a craft store. When buying my first ball of Merino online, I read everything I could find about this wool, other kinds of wool and the difference in between. I learn Merino Wool roving, not yearn is used for giant knit. It has been used for arm knitting for a very long time. But, for some reason it became popular only within last couple years in Europe and is becoming popular in US now.

Touching Merino wool is like touching a cotton ball. It is amazingly soft, gentle and light. It is such a fine fiber that it is like touching your favorite pet. It brings a joy to your heart and soul. Knitting with Merino Wool is not just calming and soothing, it is amazingly enjoyable. It is emotional and hard to stop. Each time I knit I catch myself on the thought that I want to knit more and more. Instead on watching TV or browsing Internet or reading I want to knit more with amazing Merino Wool! It is a pleasure and sort of addiction in a good sense of this word.

So, this is how it started. Fate has brought everything into one place. When you do what you really like, everything is falling into the right place. People, events and the necessary information and tools. It is all there when you need it! Even my older extremely talented daughter who came to visit me for Christmas and created this whole cool website for me! Thank you, my dear, and your husband too! My husband, both daughters and my son-in-low are the people who supported me when I decided to start and they keep supporting and inspiring me every day!

I started making amazingly beautiful blankets and scarves, baby blankets and puffy pillows, poufs and pet beds. Last week I came up with the idea of a ball pillow from Merino Wool and yesterday I thought it would be nice to make it look like an animal. It looks funny and cute and it is extremely soft and nice to touch! Today I have an idea of making a baby cocoon from Merino wool and I am very excited to come up with more ideas to knit from using this wonderful wool. If you have a desire for something special for you – just let me know!

I started selling my products and love when people tell me how amazingly beautiful my blankets and knits are. I want to share my passion for Merino Wool blankets and knits with you and your friends. If you buy a blanket, any other knit or a ball of yarn try to knit with Merino Wool, I believe you will be as touched as I am. By this amazing creation: Merino Wool which made from the finest wool in the world: Merino sheep.
Welcome to the world of Giant Knit Merino Wool creation. Join me in my adoration of it, It is waiting for you.