As Cozy as a...Pouf!

Imagine yourself walking through your front door on a Friday evening. It's been a long day at work, you are tired and so ready for the weekend. About to sit down on the couch, you take a look around your space and realize that something is definitely missing. What can it be? A pillow? A blanket? Or maybe...a pouf?

What on earth is a pouf, you may ask us? Well, it's a fancy French word for round, squishy, delightfully soft thing you use for a variety of purposes, most of which include eating, drinking, relaxing, putting your feet up on it, using it as a mini bean-bag chair, letting your cat nap on it, and much more.

You see, we are just getting started. Because once you pouf, you never go back.

The great part (are there really any not great parts? We don't think so) about poufs is the enormous variety of their composition.

You can have knitted poufs, or crocheted poufs. They can be round or square. You can make them simple and modern, or fun and full of personality. The possibilities are endless. The main goal is to experiment in your knitting to see which one is the best fit for you and your home.

Here are a few suggestions that we here at Becozi have already created to get you started.

1. Round Merino Wool Pouf

Feeling curvy? This round Merino wool pouf will make even the longest day seem manageable. Just imagine propping your feet up onto that bad boy. It's like taking a bath in butter.

Get yours here.

2. Square Merino Wool Pouf

Feeling edgy? Our square pouf is just for you. Great for modern and sleek decors that accentuate the angles and geometry of your home.

3. Tube Yarn Pouf

You can use and abuse this one all you want - it's not going anywhere. Thanks to the tube yarn it is heavy, steady, and easy to clean. What else could you need?

4. Floor Pillow

Looking for something that is a bit on the smaller side? Our floor pillows are perfect for those who want something with a smaller footprint. They may resemble adorable pancakes, but we would reserve them for sitting on only. 

You see, the options are endless! You can make them round, square or pancake-like, whatever suits your mood or home decor. 

Want to learn how to make these? Watch our video here to learn. We'd love to see what you create - send us a picture when you are done!

In the meantime, happy pouf-ing and BeCozi!