Celebrating a Milestone


January is well-known as a month of new beginnings. New year resolutions still at high priority bring a level of energy and dedication that November and December can only look at with jealousy. 

January is a fresh start. It also happened to be our fresh start as one year ago we officially launched our business with a warm and inviting title, lovingly suggested by one of our family members. 

Becozi was born a year ago and what a year it has been! As any business we went through many highs and lows. But through it all we gained a following of amazing clients, wonderful students and happy knitters. We created a community of hand-knitters, a unique way of knitting with chunky yarn coined by our knitter extraordinaire Larissa. 

We posted dozens of videos, hundreds of photos and answered thousands of questions. 

We also helped our products find new homes in all 50 states and 22 countries. 

That's quite a footprint, if you ask us. And we couldn't be more proud, honored and grateful. 

Thank you to all of you who follow our brand, read our blogs and emails, share our posts and watch our videos. Your dedication and support is what makes Becozi the great brand it is today and what keeps us aspiring to always grow and get better. 

Happy anniversary to us and thank you for celebrating this milestone right alongside us!