Clearance? Yes, please!

Who does not like a Clearance section in any store? You can always find something you really need! Even if you did not know about it before you found it:-)

So, today we are inviting you to visit our Clearance section! Majority of it consists of completely new, unique products: blankets and other knitted products created for our video tutorials.

Like this beautiful Chunky chenille yarn in US Flag colors:

Or another Chunky chenille blanket, Hand knit in Seed pattern:

As we make a lot of video tutorial showing how to Hand knit, we have a lot of products sittting on the shelves. We do not want to unwind these products as they are beautiful and we would really like you to get something for yourself of your loved one from our Clearance collection.

Like a blanket Hand knit in this amazing pattern: Entrelac, very complicated, took us quite some time to figure it out as usually it is knitted with needles. We adjusted it to Hand knitting and we have a Video tutorial for sale here.  The blanket in the picture is for sale: it was made for that video tutorial, only one is available.

Do you have a pet? You should get her this cute Tube yarn Pet bed made with Tube yarn leftovers:

If you have a baby or know somebody who does - they would love this baby blanket made with our new Loopy stitch yarn

Do you love pillows as much as we do? We have some NEW pattern Round pillows for you, Hand knitted with our Tube and Velvet yarn! Order them here or watch our video to make one yourself!

MUCH MORE to find in our Clearance section! Find something for yourself before its gone - we usually have only one product available in this section!

Except of our yarns leftovers: we always have some for you to make some cute looking blanket.

One more thing on Clearance! We are discontinuing three more variegated colors of chunky chenille: Rainlbow, Blue raspberry and Raspberry sorbet. These colors as well as fourth color we discontinued - Starwberry &Cream- are $6.99 - get them till they are gone! We will replace them with soe new colors, stay tuned for announcements!

Announcement: New item in our store - if you are making blankets, get these labels to attach to each of them to show you care:

Watch our new video tutorial "How to Hand knit a Seed stitch pattern with BeCozi Tube Yarn". We have nine colors of Tube yarn available, check them out here.

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Stay safe and BeCozi!