Furreal! The Yarn You Have Been Dreaming About

becozi furreal soft fur yarn chunky knitting

There is a reason that our first reaction upon seeing something fuzzy or furry is to want to touch it. We are tactile, sensory beings and we experience the world through our five senses, touch being one of the most primary ones.

Your brain has memorized millions of sensory inputs through your fingertips: everything from the way wood bark scrapes your finger pads with its roughness to the way furry fabrics feel comforting, lush, luxurious. Sensory stimulation can be stress-reducing. Perhaps this is partly why petting our furry friends, be in dogs, cats or chinchillas, make us feel more grounded and relaxed. 

Knitting is more than just a fun hobby and a great exercise, it is also a great stress reducer. 

Which is why we are so excited to announce the addition of new yarn to our store - Furreal Soft yarn.

Furreal Soft is unlike anything you have felt before. When knit together, this yarn doesn't even show stitching, looking like a continuous coat of the softest bunny fur. Except no bunnies were harmed in the making of it! All the enjoyment without any harm to our animal friends. 

This yarn is a match made in heaven for knitwear: think of the hats, scarves and leg warmers you can make with it. For this you will need a pair of needles, although you could use your fingers for making the stitches too. The creations you will make will be incredible. You will never want to take them off! 

Furreal Soft is equally fantastic for rimming or marching your existing chunky knit creations. For our customers who love Chunky Chenille and Jumbo Chenille, you can create a completely unique look bu intertwining Furreal Soft yarn with your chunky yarn or adding it to the edges of your pieces, like in the photos below. 

becozi furreal soft fur yarn chunky knitting

Add Furreal Soft as a pom pom to your hat, a rim to your scarf, a neckline to your sweater - the possibilities are endless. Just think of the amazing things you can make! 

To start, we are carrying five colors with more colors to come, based on popularity. We can't wait for you to give this incredible yarn a try and fall in love with it just like we did! 

Stay warm and BeCozi. Furreal!