"Houston, We Have a Problem" or the Challenges of Being a Business Owner

Last week we told you all about the new chenille yarn that would be arriving this week. We were so excited to receive yarn in better packaging and of better quality in order to pass these benefits onto our lovely customers. 
When the shipment finally came in we were anxious with anticipation - here it is! 
Imagine our surprise when upon opening up the many boxes with chenille and carefully inspecting the yarn we discovered that while the quality was slightly better, about 60% of the prepackaged chenille yarn balls have a joint or a connection in the middle of the yarn that was certainly not supposed to be there.
Being a business owner involves many tough choices.
This is a perfect example of a type of decision that needs to be made on a daily basis. When we need to decide whether - regardless of the time and expense spent searching for a new supplier, ordering two thousand pounds of yarn and waiting weeks to receive it - the end result lives up to the standard of quality we strive to achieve in our business.
Sadly, this time the shipment didn't pass the test.
What does this mean for us and for you?
It means this yarn will not be permanently stocked in our store and that we are selling it at a discount.
Don't get us wrong - this yarn is still great for knitted products, we simply have very high standards for quality and consistency and will now need to make room for the newer and better stock that will be coming in. 
So if you wanted to stock up on a ton of chenille at a great price - this is your chance to get many skeins in many colors! 

Head over to the Chenille section of our shop and grab it while it's here!

Happy weekend and BeCozi!