How to arm crochet your own dog bed

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to share with you a new video tutorial "How to arm crochet a dog bed with BeCozi". Many people, including me, are dog lovers and making a bed for your favorite pouch with your own hands is a very nice experience. With this BeCozi tutorial, you can do it even if you have never knitted before. 

If you have any comments or questions about this video, please, contact me at BeCozi e-mail.

Last week I was working on couple new projects: a Giant Bunny Rabbit and a Big Area rug with pillows. Pinterest and Youtube videos were my inspiration. You can find couple different sources of how to make a knitted Bunny Rabbit, one of them was made by Anne Weil, who is also a big fan of giant knitting. I love her blog and her creations, she is so talented. Her Bunny Rabbit was also made by arm knitting but I found her way not suitable for hand knitting with chunky Merino wool and after some research, I created my own design. Here it is, Mr. Giant Bunny Rabbit, isn`t he cute?


And here is another addition to a BeCozi collection: Merino wool Big Area rug. I love how big and beautiful this rug is. It looks great in any room, it is such a great feeling to step on the softest Merino wool!    


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Stay comfy and BeCozi!