Look Who Is Back! (And Sale!)

It is always great to see an old friend: BeCozi Plush Chenille yarn is back!

Some new colors added, so now we have five colors in stock: Ivory, Mauve, Maroon, Tan and Blush:

Ivory and Mauve are the same as last stock: they are unraveling easily on the ends but can be connected really nicely: please, watch our video how to do it.

Maroon, Blush and Tan have been created a bit differently and unraveling on end is minimal. These colors have a bit different feeling when touching them but they are still super soft and blankets made with this yarn are amazingly soft!

Another great piece of news: ALL our Merino wool colors are back!

Tube yarn: ALL colors are back and we have some new additions:

Burnt Orange

Blush, Cloud gray and Gray:

 Our Loopy Stitch yarn is ON SALE! We are selling it off because a new Loopy stitch yarn is coming in Summer: it will be thicker and in smaller skeins.

This beautiful blanket is Hand knitted with our Loopy Stitch yarn in Yellow and Chocolate, isn`t it beautiful? We used two string together to make the yarn thicker and this thickness feels like thickness of Chunky chenille: same measurements used for this blanket of 30x50 inches: started with 19 stitches; 3.8 lbs used total: you will need around 2 lbs of each color:

And the last news but not the least: ALL Chenille yarn, Merino wool, Tube and Velvet yarn are on sale this week, check it out!

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Stay warm and BeCozi!