New Christmas Colors!

Ready for Holidays? We ARE!

We have just created NEW, vibrant Holiday colors for this Holiday season! They are all on the way to our office and can be pre ordered now: (ETA October 7, 2022)

1. Our new CHRISTMAS SPIRIT color: super bright and vibrant!

When we created a Christmas spirit color a few years ago, there was a mistake at the dyeing factory and instead of bright Christmas colors we received beautiful new color but not exactly what we asked for:

Now the old Christmas spirit color is ON SALE, for only $5.99 per skein - until supplies last!

2. CHRISTMAS JOY - even brighter, has all Christmas colors in one skein!

3. Before Christmas there will be HALLOWEEN, so here is a
Orange and Black, perfect for a Halloween blanket:

4. The last but not the least: SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN:
longer parts of Orange and Black to give you that beautiful "spooky" look!

Watch our new video tutorial: "Hand knit a Chunky Ghost" and make one for yourself or your child/ren. Only one skein of BeCozi Chunky or Sparkly chenille yarn in White color is needed.

Stay warm and BeCozi!

Share your creations in our Facebook Hand Knitting Club (please, answer group questions to be accepted)
Tag @becozi when you share your beautiful creations on your Social media - it is VERY important for us to see them!

Stay warm and BeCozi!