Our 6 Favorite Variegated Chenille Products

There is something to say about simplicity. It's elegant and to the point. But sometimes we all want a little extra, a little splash of color, a little dazzle. This includes our knitting projects, too! 

Tired of solid color chenille and want something with more variety? We have just what you've been looking for.

Try our Variegated chenille. Custom dyed to introduce two, three and sometimes even four colors, it contains seamless transitions that make your blanket look fabulous and fun. 

With colors like Pink camo, Raspberry sorbet and S`mores, you will not only love the result, you might be reaching for some sweets too. 

Today we would like to highlight some fabulous examples of products that seem like they were made for this yarn. Here are our 6 favorite variegated chenille products. 

1. Blanket

No more blues while cuddling under these blankets! Our 25 colors of variegated chenille will boost your mood each time you get under your favorite snuggle buddy (unless, of course, you have a pet. Or a significant other.) 

Just take a look at the stunning blankets we have in stock made with variegated chenille and see the beauty for yourself! 

Have us make one for you or learn how to make it yourself. 

2. Cat Bed 

Undoubtedly one of our most popular products, but with variegated chenille you can add even more personality to your feline's favorite nap spot. Match your cat to a variegated chenille color and see them happily curl up in a ball once you are done making one for them. 

Watch our video to learn how to make one or have us make one for you. 

3. Round Pillow  

Love the variegated chenille colors but are a little hesitant to make a full blanket? A round pillow will be a great way to start. You can test the colors in your home decor and add a fun accent to your living space. 

We are happy to teach you how to knit one. 

4. Baby blanket 

Waiting for a baby or know somebody who is? Hand knit one with our easy to follow video tutorial

5. Circular Rug

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of stepping onto a soft chenille rug first thing in the morning. Perhaps the bliss of that first sip of coffee, but maybe not even then!  

Start your day off the right foot and make yourself either a crochet or knitted rug.  

Don't want to bother with knitting it yourself? We got you covered. Order your crochet rug or knitted chenille rug here. 

6. Small Baskets 

Incredibly convenient to keep all your household items organized. Toss it by your sofa to store your remote controls, extra socks and phone chargers that will be ready for you when you don't want to get up from the couch. Or put it in the bedroom as an extra decor for your essentials. 

Watch our video here on how to make one of these. 

What are you waiting for? There is so much color to explore and play with. Start making something beautiful for yourself, your home or your loved one today. Or order up something unique that you will love for years to come. 

Prices for ALL Variegated colors are now lower - check them out!

Enjoy the sun and BeCozi!