Please, Be Patient and Kind!

How many times did we hear this phrase from our parents, teachers, friends, significant others? Well, it is now our turn to ask you to, please, be patient:

Due to COVID-19, majority of businesses in US experience severe delays in deliveries of their product shipments. As a lot of products sold in US are made oversees, they are coming to US by sea in sea conatiners. We do not usually think about, we just go to a store and buy what we need. But behind a lot of products we are buying in stores and online there is a very long shipping process involving hundreds of people and organizations.

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and people being sick or not coming to work due to required 10-14 days quarantine, places processing shipments are extremely slow and backed up with huge numbers of sea containers. We just heard about a company receiving their sea container with Chirstmas ornaments at the beginning of February.

We are shipping many partial orders at this time taking a financial burden of shipping the second package on us. If you do not receive one or a few colors you ordered, please, check a packing slip, we usually write what missing color/s will be arriving later. Not all orders can be shipped partially though: we do not ship partial orders to West Coast and Canada - it is too expensive to ship the out of stock colors there later.

USPS is the only shipping company we are using at this time because UPS and FeDex are extremely expensive and yes, they lose packages too! USPS is at least pays back if they lose their packages, UPS - not so much, we have many lost packages by UPS and only one was paid back by them so far.

USPS has been extremely slow last a few months but they are catching up now and majority of packages are delivered within 2-4 days.

We ship orders within 3-4 days at this time IF the ordered colors are in stock. Please, note: the shipping time selected at checkout is the time for DELIVERY of the order by USPS not when we will ship it. 

BeCozi first shipment of 2021 was sheduled to arrive at the beginning of January 2021 but arrvied only on February 14, 2021. Because of this delay we had a list of over 500 backorders and when the yarn finally arrived and we started shipping all those orders - we ran behind on more recent orders. We received a lot of angry emails "where is my order" complaining that we did not contact every customer of about 500 waiting and about 200 newer ones. It is techinically not possible to update such a long list of customers. 

The situation with bad delays with shipments of our yarn and a lot of harsh emails we received because of that is the reason we would like to ask you to PLEASE, BE PATIENT and BE KIND. It is a very stressful time for all of us, please, be kind when you are writting us with requests about your orders: we are working very hard to fulfill all orders and being nice is very appreciated.

We are very thankful that majority of our customers are very kind and understanding, we really appreciate your patience during these challenging times!

Great news! Our next shipment of chenille yarn is coming this weekend and we will have all colors in sotck! We will start shipping all the waiting orders as soon as possible.

Please, Be patient and BeCozi!

P.S. Watch our new video tutorial how to Hand Knit a Chunky Chenille blanket in Double seed pattern