The History of Mother's Day

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We’ve all grown up celebrating Mother’s Day. Whether it was taking your mom out to brunch on the second Sunday of May, or picking up a bouquet of flowers on your way to her house, it is a holiday we don’t forget. 

But Mother’s Day was not always a holiday, in fact as far as national holidays go it’s a relatively recent one. 

While there is plenty of controversy over who was the ‘mother’ of Mother’s Day, most sources attribute the idea to Anna Jarvis, a copywriter from West Virginia who took up the torch from her own mother to bring about a day where all mothers dedicated a day to serve other mothers. 

You read that right. The original Mother’s Day was for all mothers, not just your own. Its goal was community service, banding together to support less privileged mothers during the time where infant mortality was extremely high. Many babies didn’t make it to adulthood, largely because of epidemics that raged at the time due to the lack of proper hygiene or sanitary conditions. 

Jarvis fought to make Mother’s Day a national holiday; she was also the one who made a white carnation – her own mother’s favorite – become the official flower associated with the day. 

After years of working towards recognition, President Woodrow Wilson finally signed a proclamation on May 9, 1914, stating the second Sunday of May would now officially become “a public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country”. 

The rest is history. Or at least it’s history we are more familiar with. Mother’s Day is as big as ever – it is now a Hallmark holiday. 

But despite its commercialization, the benefits are clear – our mothers, the wonderful women who gave us life and raised us, get the pampering and adoration they deserve. And while it is our hope that you celebrate your mothers throughout the year, not just on that one Sunday in May, we are grateful to have a time carved out just for them. Because they deserve it. 

So make sure to make your mom feel special and remembered tomorrow. Get her flowers, pick up a card at the store, take her out to breakfast. Shower her with love and gratitude. Recognize her immense contributions to your life. 

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