Two pieces of news!

When we hear the phrase "We have two pieces of news" - we expect there will be "bad news" and "good news" and majority of us prefer to start with the bad news. So, today we have two pieces of news and we will start with the one that is not so good:

1. You probably heard a lot (from us too!) about delays in delivery of goods throughout the US. We mentioned it a few times in our newsletters - we are still experiencing long delays in delivering of our yarn. Well, the bad news that these delays are now causing a big increase in shipping prices of yarn from our suppliers. Such a big increase of shipping process for all our yarns will likely cause the increase of the prices for the yarn itself. 

2. The good news: it will not happen right away.  Most likely the increase in yarn price will happen at the end of July - beginning of August. Which means - it is the great time to stock up on yarn NOW, when prices are still low.

The yarn price increase will affect not only our company - all companies selling yarn will be in the same boat and will have to increase their prices as well. 

Our chenille yarn is still 50 cents less than a month ago, stock up on your favorite colors before the price increase. 

Merino Wool, felted Merino, Tube and Velvet yarn are $1 cheaper now.

We have a new, great video tutorial: "How to Hand knit a Sheep" with our Chenille yarn. The video tutorial is not available for public, it can be purchased here

Stock Up and BeCozi!