You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!

becozi super chunky chenille
A blanket made out of our soon-to-be-back Super Chunky Chenille yarn

Here at BeCozi we are constantly evolving, adjusting and re-evaluating our products, patterns, suppliers and even our techniques. Part of being a chunky knit retailer involves flexibility and listening to customer's feedback to see which items are loved and which could do better. 

A few months ago we introduced our Ultra Soft Chenille and we were so excited to share this beautiful yarn with you.

However recently it was brought to our attention that not all skeins of our Ultra Soft Chenille are consistently chunky - some skeins may have a flatter part or two. 

Some of our customers also noticed a few extra knots in the yarn, while others did not. 

Given that not all skeins are up to our standard of consistency and quality we have made the decision to move our Ultra Soft Chenille to clearance and discontinue it going forward. 

Which means our Ultra Soft Chenille will now be only $7 per skein and will be perfect for those who are just starting out and don't mind a few knots or flatter parts of the yarn.

It would also work great for projects that are less intricate and have a lesser chance for the imperfections to be noticed - say a rug for your guest bedroom.

Grab it while it's still here and on sale as it's a very soft and beautiful yarn!


If you were among many who loved this yarn don't despair! 

In just a few weeks we will receive a new shipment of our Super Chunky Chenille that we used to carry a year or so ago. Customers who've been with us a few years will recognize this yarn immediately as it is the thickest and fluffiest chenille we've ever had in our store. We are so excited to get it back! 

Here is a visual of the difference in thickness between Chunky Chenille (left) and Super Chunky Chenille yarn (right) that is coming soon:


Our Chunky Chenille will also get a face lift as we will be getting it in improved quality and consistency and in factory made balls which means an even better look for your knits!

So check out the Ultra Soft Chenille on clearance here and keep an eye out for our announcement of the Super Chunky Chenille's triumphant return! 

Happy Spring!