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Chunky Loopy Stitch Yarn

$ 16.00 USD$ 21.99 USD

Meet our New Yarn: CHUNKY Loopy Stitch

This yarn is much thicker than our Loopy Stitch yarn. It super soft and beautiful.

It is 100% polyester, washable, children and pets friendly, durable and great for knitting a product for a frequent use.

It is about an inch thick and great for knitting with our needles or Hand knitting

It is perfect for a chunky blanket that can be used on a daily basis and easily washed

Sold in skeins of 1 lbs

How much you need:

Hat - 1 skein

Scarf - 1 skein

Long scarf - 2 skeins

Slippers - 1 skein

 Small blanket 30x40 in - two skeins (start with 20 stitches) 

 Medium blanket 40x60 in - four skeins (start with 25 stitches) 

Large blanket 50x70 in - Seven skeins (start with 30 stitches) 



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