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"Plush and Lush" Velvet Yarn, 1 inch thick

$ 22.00 USD

BeCozi "Plush and Lush" Velvet Chunky Yarn is a velvet tube filled with polyester fiber

Velvet Chunky Yarn is strong and durable, yet extremely soft and beautiful, it is washable, children and pets friendly

It is perfect for a super bulky knitting projects: blankets, cushions or pet beds

Velvet Chunky Yarn is measured in pounds and ordered BY POUND

Determine how many pounds of Velvet chunky yarn you will need for your project using the table below, order the number of pounds  you need for your project by selecting the weight in lbs from a drop down menu

 How much Velvet Chunky Yarn you need to hand knit most popular products:

  • Round pillow 12"- 1.5 lbs
  • Square cushion 15x15 in - 4 lbs
  • Cat bed, 16" diameter - 4 lbs
  • Baby blanket/Small rug 25x35 in - 4 lbs
  • Lap Size Throw 30 x 50 in — 6 lbs. Cast on 11 stitches
  • Medium Size Blanket 35 x 60 in — 9 lbs. Cast on 14 stitches 
  • Large Size Blanket 50 x 70 — 15 lbs. Cast on 19 stitches 


"Plush and Lush" Velvet Yarn, 1 inch thick

$ 22.00 USD