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BeCozi Felted Merino wool

$ 32.00 USD$ 33.00 USD
  • Yarn is ordered BY POUNDS, not skeins/balls
  • Your order comes in one continuous ball up to 10 lbs: 2 lbs order - 2 lbs ball; 7 lbs order - 7 lbs ball; 10 lbs order - 10 lbs ball
  • Picture of 1 lbs of Merino wool - one pound ball is used to show color only
  • Picture of a big skeins - to show how 10 lbs skein looks like

- One pound - about 19 yards

This product is 100% Australian Merino sheep wool which was felted in a special way to prevent shedding and pilling on a knitted product

BeCozi store is the only store in US with Felted super chunky Merino wool available as it was custom felted according to our "know-how" process

Felted Merino can be washed

Felted Merino wool is thinner and harder than regular Merino wool but a knitted item becomes softer and fluffier with usage 

To speed up this process: place the knitted item into a dryer on a lowest heat for 5-10 minutes depending on a size of the item

Make sure to buy enough for your project, your next order color/thickness may be slightly different

How much you will need?

For any blanket the rule is this: multiply the length times the width in inches and divide by 350. 

Here is the average amount needed for the most popular products:

  • Cowl/infinity scarf -1.5 lbs
  • Long scarf - 2-3 lbs
  • Cat bed with 16 inch base - 3 lbs
  • Baby blanket 25x30 inches - 3 lbs
  • Lap throw 30x50 inches - 5 lbs
  • Medium size throw 35x60 inches - 7 lbs
  • Medium size throw 40x60 inches – 9 lbs (our most popular size!)
  • Large size bed blanket 50x70 inches - 12 lbs
  • XLarge size bed blanket 60x80 inches - 16 lbs

The suggestion is for loose knitting. If you knit tighter - please, add 1-2 more lbs to have enough for your project.

Felted super chunky Merino wool has the same qualities: it is one of the finest  in the world. It doesn’t itch or irritate your skin, on the contrary it feels incredibly soft and gentle to the touch. The wool yarn is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and wicks moisture away from your skin. It regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm and comfortable, never too hot

BeCozi Felted Merino wool

$ 32.00 USD$ 33.00 USD