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BeCozi Blanket Storage Bag

BeCozi Blanket Storage Bag

$ 4.99 USD

Orders for all yarns and DIY kits are shipped within 1-2 days (for available colors); orders for blankets and knitted products are shipped within 4-5 business days

BeCozi Blanket Storage Bags are perfect for storage of your favorite Merino wool blanket, vegan or even chenille blanket

Our bags come in two sizes: Small/Medium for any product under 4 lbs of Merino (vegan) wool or less and Large for any product from 5 lbs of Merino (vegan) wool and more

Made of breathable fabric, our bags allow for proper air circulation within the bag without any worry of your favorite Merino wool blanket getting caught on something sharp and pulling the fibers out. 

The Becozi bag keeps your blanket safe and protected until you ready to use it again.

If you buy some Merino wool to make a blanket, you should definitely consider buying a bag for your new chunky knit friend.



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