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"Forever soft" Merino wool

$ 15.99 USD$ 18.00 USD

This yarn is about 0.5 inches thick

It is very soft and gentle to touch, good for gentle hand knitting

It is 100% pure Merino wool but much thinner than super chunky Merino wool which is about 2.5 inches thick

  • Weight: 8 ounces skein
  • Care: hand wash in cold water

You can knit some chunky hats, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, ear or leg warmers and blankets too!  Anything you want can be made from this beautiful Merino wool!

Length: 48 yards per 8 ounces skein
Needle Size needed: US 35 or 50
Hook size: US 13 or 15
Stitches per inch: 1
Rows per inch: 1

How much you will need:

Hat - 1 skein 

Scarf- 1 skein

Long scarf - 2 skeins

Baby blanket 25x28 in - 2 skeins

Shawl with pockets - 4 skeins 

Lap throw 30x50 - 5 skeins

Medium size throw 35x60 - 6 skeins

Sweater, Size S - 5 skeins

Poncho - 4 skeins



"Forever soft" Merino wool

$ 15.99 USD$ 18.00 USD