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Furreal Soft Yarn

$ 6.50 USD$ 6.99 USD

This yarn looks and feels like rabbit fur, but no bunnies were harmed in its making!

It is 100% polyester, SUPER soft, fluffy and fuzzy; about 1/4 of an inch thick.

One ball: 100 grams/3.5oz, about 70 yards

Perfect yarn for knitting super cute hats, scarves, gloves or even sweaters! It is also great as an addition to any other chunky yarn, especially chunky and jumbo chenille: add some around the edges of your chunky chenille blanket or add a string while making one - you will have a masterpiece of a blanket that everybody will love!

Can be used with these needles or for hand knitting

How much you will need:

Hat - 0.5 skein

Cowl scarf - 0.5 skein

Short Scarf - 1 skeins

Long scarf - 2 skeins


Watch a video on how to add this yarn around a chenille blanket

Furreal Soft Yarn

$ 6.50 USD$ 6.99 USD