3 Best Becozi Products to Take With You to College

becozi super chunky blanket merino wool

Believe or not summer is coming to an end. Like many of you we are sad to say goodbye to days spent in the sun, on the water or out in nature. We too will miss kayaking and paddle boarding as much wearing shorts and sandals.

But August is halfway gone and in only a few weeks our kids will be heading off to school - some to their last year of high school, some to their next year in college. 

There is no better way to bid summer adieu and get ready for fall than to get excited for the new school year by getting your college to-do list checked off. 

We are here to help you do just that.

This year head off to college in style by rocking a Becozi (but remember that we can't be responsible for all the new friends you'll make who will want to snuggle under your Merino blanket while watching movies or simply hanging out in the common areas). 

Here are our top three suggestions to pack before heading back to the dorm: 

1. Chunky Merino Blanket 

becozi super chunky merino wool blanket

As we already mentioned above, a Merino wool blanket is simply a must for any dorm room. It has magical qualities of alleviating homesickness, making you feel cozy and relaxed while you read your Psych 101 textbook and it is simply perfect to fall asleep in while watching your favorite TV show re-runs. 

Choose your favorite color and order yours here. 

2. Fairy Lights Rug

becozi lights rug home decor merino wool

You've seen those dorm rooms with Christmas lights strung over the ceiling, making them look cozy and inviting. We'll help you go one step further by decorating your dorm room with a fairy lights rug. How amazing is that? 

Imagine as the sun sets over the horizon you plug in your rug and get to comfortably stretch on it as you listen to your favorite tunes or chat with your new roommate. What a perfect item to add to your decor to help you wind down after a long day of classes!

Get your rug here.

3.  Merino Accent Pillows 

merino wool accent pillows becozi

 Whether you are a minimalist who only wants something small to spruce up your room or you love every color on the spectrum these accent pillows are absolutely perfect to bring with you to college. 

They are small and portable and come in a variety of awesome colors. Plus they are simply amazing for relaxing! 

Get your pillows here. 

Whether you decide to get all three of our picks or just one - make sure to order soon as our sale prices end on August 20th. Get these items at a great deal and head off to college in style!