How to Choose the Best Type of Yarn for Your Giant Knitting Project

becozi chenille yarn blanket knitting chunky

With such a variety of yarns available to knit with one can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Merino, chenille, vegan yarn, skinny yarn - all of these would make a great base for any chunky knitting project, however certain yarns tend to perform better for certain types of knitting.

Today we will share with you the best uses for specific types of yarn Becozi offers.

1. Merino Wool

 becozi chunky merino wool blanket yarn knitting

Thick, chunky, yet surprisingly soft. Merino has taken the knitting world by storm and has been making headlines as the trendiest chunky yarn around.

But what should it really be used for? The answer: blankets.

There is nothing like a chunky blanket made out of super chunky Merino wool. It is trendy for a reason - people can't get enough of it! We highly recommend using Merino as the yarn for your blanket, be it a simple braid pattern or a fancy cable-knit.

Get your Merino here.

2.  Skinny Merino Wool

There is super chunky, there is chunky and then there is the skinny Merino. What is the difference? The thickness of the knitting yarn. 

At only half an inch thick skinny Merino makes an ideal base for knitwear - sweaters, cardigans, shrugs, dresses and more. It will take you longer to work on your project and it will require more yarn, as it is not as thick as regular Merino. 

But thanks to the thin nature of this yarn your sweater will never look better. 

Buy your skinny Merino here. 

3. Vegan Yarn 

While some of us may adore Merino and other sheep wool products, others may not be able to tolerate the material due to allergies or because they keep a different lifestyle. 

For those following the vegan diet and lifestyle the vegan yarn we offer is a perfect alternative to the traditional Merino. It is made out of synthetic materials, it is very soft and it will keep your allergies at bay while making you feel good about your purchase. 

See more vegan yarn here. 

4. Chenille Yarn 

While we have already convinced you why this yarn is the new sliced bread in our 5 Reasons You Should Squeal for Chenille post, this yarn is so amazing we don't mind repeating ourselves. 

Chenille is made out of a synthetic material that is durable and washable. It is perfectly suited for vegans and those allergic to traditional wool. To top it off chenille is not afraid of dirt and it loves to travel - take it with you to read in your favorite outdoor chair or while watching the solar eclipse on August 21st. 

This yarn is delightfully lightweight in comparison to Merino, so a large blanket is easy to transport and carry with you. 

Really, chenille is amazing. You should definitely buy some for yourself here. 

To top it all off you can snag these various types of yarns for an amazing price until August 20th, as they are currently on sale. Don't wait too long - get your yarn today and post your work in progress on our Facebook group!

Which yarn type is your favorite and why? Tell us in comments - we would love to hear from you!