5 Reasons to Squeal for Chenille

becozi chunky yarn knitting chenille yarn merino wool

Chunky yarn and the art of giant knitting has descended into the mainstream culture quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. The size of the stitches attracted wonder and amazement; all of a sudden everyone wanted a blanket made out of the yarn that this trend came with - Merino wool. 

But while Merino is an incredible material to work with and generally we can't sing it enough praises, today we would like to shine a spotlight on Merino's distant relative in the chunky knitting family - chenille yarn.

Without further ado we present you with 5 reasons you should definitely squeal for chenille.

1. You can wash it! 

becozi chenille yarn chunky knitting

One of the biggest drawbacks of Merino wool, as amazing as it is, is the fact that washing it by yourself is a difficult undertaking and is not for the faint of heart. Typically we only recommend dry cleaning. 

But chenille is the cooler cousin of Merino so it doesn't require as much attention. You can throw a chenille blanket in the cold wash and, being 100% polyester, it will wash away any dirt, dust or anything else you may have spilled on it. 

No shedding, no piling, just pure softness and joy! 

2. Children and pets welcome

becozi chenille yarn chunky knitting

While animals love all chunky knitting products equally (we write this as our cat happily snoozes away in her chunky Merino bed), the care required for said products' maintenance is definitely different. 

Chenille pet beds, blankets, bed sets, etc. will not show wear and tear as much as Merino will. They will stay perfectly fluffy and soft without losing any of the yarn's elasticity. 

So they are perfectly child- and pet-friendly! Go ahead and spread it out in the backyard for your baby to play on!

3. It's affordable

becozi chenille yarn chunky knitting

We hear you - Merino wool is not cheap. Here at Becozi we are committed to providing you with a wide variety of yarn for all your chunky knitting projects at a range of prices. 

Chenille yarn is less expensive compared to Merino wool and will help you buy more pounds of yarn for less money. 

4. It's light and airy

becozi chenille yarn chunky knitting

No, really! Those of you who have ordered or made your Merino wool blankets know that Merino is a very heavy material. A queen size blanket easily gets heavy while the same size chenille blanket still feels like a summer spread. 

Chenille yarn's lightness makes it ideal for transport and travel - whether it's for camping, watching fireworks or cozying up on your porch swing. Thinking about a blanket for your child going back to school? Chenille blanket is a perfect choice!

5. It's vegan!

becozi chenille yarn chunky knitting

No sheep were touched in the making of chenille yarn. Whether you lead a vegan lifestyle or you are allergic to wool, chenille is a perfect alternative to Merino. 

So whether it is for a picnic with your sweetie or for a college dorm for you freshman, chenille has got you covered. 

Check out the assortment of chenille yarn we offer here and get started on your chenille project today. You can also buy one of our premade blankets for yourself or your loved one!