Snag These 5 Merino Wool Colors Before They're Gone For Good

merino wool becozi

It may be hard to believe it's July, we are half way through 2017 and Christmas is only 163 days away. But the good thing is you don't have to wait until winter to get your hands on great deals and get yourself and your loved ones amazing gifts.

As the warmer season is still in full swing we are clearing out inventory and that means deep discounts for you and yours. There are 5 colors that are being liquidated this July, with discounts up to 32% on the beautiful Merino yarn

To get you inspired for your next project we though we'd put together a few quick tips on the type of items you can make with these Merino colors. 

1. Forrest green: for your throw pillows


Instead of heading to a store to grab a pair of throw pillows that are never soft or comfortable enough, do yourself a favor and get a pair or these gorgeous round pillows in forrest green. 

Every time you watch a rerun of Game of Thrones or Gilmore Girls, your head will be happily resting on this piece of heaven. 

Get the discounted Merino wool to make them yourself or order yours here.

2. Red: a beautiful accent rug

merino wool red becozi

Red is vibrant and vivacious, it demands attention and thus makes a beautiful accent color for your home decor. 

Imagine a gorgeous hand crocheted rug for your living room in red. Red goes with both light and dark tones, hides dirt easily and will make a beautiful conversation piece with all your guests. 

Get the discounted Merino wool to make one or order your rug here. 

3. Emerald green: your cat's favorite napping spot

merino wool emerald green becozi

There is something calming and enticing about a green with a deep tint of blue to it. It reminds us of the way sea looks at twilight, sparkling with the last rays of sunshine.

Your cat, besides loving anything made out of Merino, will particularly love the emerald green color. Probably because it will look good with his fur.  

Make one yourself with discounted Merino wool or Have us make a cat bed for your furry friend. 

4. Mocha: your blanket #goals 

merino wool mocha becozi

There are neutrals and then there is mocha. With a touch of warmth it still keeps its neutral tonality and perfectly accentuates whites, creams and light greys. 

Mocha is an Instagram-worthy blanket color - after you make one, you'll want everyone to see it. 

Make one yourself with discounted Merino wool or Or have us make the blanket for you. 

5. Black: perfect for a bolero

merino wool black becozi 

We all know one thing for sure: winter is coming. And there really is no better thing to snuggle into, yet still look fashionable and chic, than our awesome Merino bolero. 

Imagine it in black: classic, elegant and warm. We can't be responsible for the amount of compliments you will receive on it. But we will take credit for the warmth. 

Make one yourself with discounted Merino wool or Get your shrug in black here. (note that you'll have to select a different color and indicate that you want black in the checkout comments box)

Whether you follow our suggestions or come up with a project of your own, don't forget to tag us on your favorite social media platform and use #becozi so we can see and share your works-in-progress.