5 Video Tutorials to Watch to Start Hand Knitting Today

becozi chunky knit merino wool blanket

You've heard about arm knitting as by now it has become a popular knitting trend. But by following Becozi you've likely now learned about hand knitting - an easier technique to handle Merino wool that we here at Becozi pioneered when we first launched our shop last year. 

There are many benefits of hand knitting, ease of handling and not having to support the whole weight of your knitted project in your arms being only a few. But have you fully explored just how much you can accomplish with hand knitting? 

Today we'd like to spotlight a few of our YouTube tutorials that can really help you launch your knitting to a new level, not to mention inspire the creativity to create something new and beautiful for your home. 

Here are our top 5 video tutorials to watch to start your hand knitting journey. 

1. How to Prepare Your Merino Wool For Knitting 

Before you even pick up a ball of Merino it's helpful to know a bit more about the nature of the wool you will be working with. To get the best results and gain more knowledge as a first timer (or even a season knitter), watch our video above. 

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2. Hand Knit a Merino Wool Blanket in 30 Minutes Or Less

The most popular and the easiest to start with - knitting a simple braided Merino wool blanket. Watch our founder Larissa demonstrate the right way to cast and knit a blanket so you can start working on one of your own.

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3.  A Bed Purrfect for Your Cat 

We've surveyed the cats all over the country whose owners either made or purchased a Merino cat bed for them and the results are in - the cats love it! You'd think Merino wool was made out of catnip because your feline companion will happily sniff and even knead the bead before claiming it as their nightly resting place. 

Get your DIY kit for the cat bed here. 

4. Knit a Scarf With No Needles 


Believe it or not Summer is slowly crawling to an end and Fall and Winter will be upon us in no time. Don't be caught unprepared: make yourself a quick and easy-to-knit cowl scarf using only your hands as tools. 

Get the materials you need here. 

5. A Circular Rug For Happy Feet

We saved this tutorial for last as it's a bit more advanced and requires more crocheting rather than knitting. However given the popularity of our rugs it can be a great project for those with medium to advanced knitting skill level (or a great long-term project for a beginner). 

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Whichever project you end up taking on make sure to join our Facebook group here and post your work in progress and finished product - we love seeing what you come up with!