3 Of The Biggest Trends In Knitting and Crochet Design

From popular cell phone apps, to how good (or bad) the latest bunch of summer movies are the question that seems to be most on our minds these days is: “What’s trending?” But as things change ever so quickly across our cultural landscape, we know trending, at the best of times, is a subjective consideration. As far as knitting and crochet design, as with every other aspect of this wacky trending roller coaster we’re on, fashionistas, designers and wearers alike are looking to make themselves known riding that subjective wave of what’s in and what’s not.

E! News recently announced that fringe was in in a big way for 2016 and it seems this prediction has come to pass. With the versatility of fringe, we can see the trend as much in giant knitting as in crochet.

Speaking of crochet, how about very non-traditional designs trending across very popular programs? The 2nd-to-last The Real Housewives of New York City, saw housewife Ramona Singer sporting a fully crocheted dress. Certainly, this fashion choice might beg more a fashion question then the traditional fashion statement. Still, there was no denying what the Bravo star was outfitted in.

In the latest “Vogue Knitting Magazine Fall Fashion” preview chunky knitting seems to be more popular than ever before.

Certainly chunky knitting, non-traditional designs, and fringe are not the only trends for 2016 (and beyond), but in a world where it is ever harder to be recognized, big designs and non-traditional approaches certainly seem to be important for making one’s mark…even if that mark is made by a stitch. Of course, when it comes to ‘What’s trending’, no matter what one tries, things will no doubt change by tomorrow.