BeCozi on TV

The ‘chunky’ trend comes upon us, especially in the colder seasons…and we don’t mean just adding some extra pounds round your middle. We will be talking about the trend of chunky knitting specifically, as much about all we do, come this Monday, August 29 when BeCozi is featured on the local WZZM13 channel, at 9 a.m. 

Bringing wider attention to our business, as well as educating the world about chunky knitting with giant Merino wool in general, is why BeCozi will be in the news. Lots of people go out to buy a scarf or hat or even want to start knitting for themselves and have no idea how many different types of knitting exist, let alone all the materials one can use when knitting.

Chunky knitting with giant Merino wool is one type of knitting style, and the one we find the most fun! All these wonderfully warm pieces made in the chunky trend are especially great to wear the next few months. Don`t forget about Christmas: one of BeCozi super chunky Merino wool knits could be your best Christmas gift ever! The softness of the material we use - 100% Australian super chunky Merino wool, really makes a difference, for the eye as much as for the skin. This is something we like to share with people around. When the materials that caress and cover our bodies can be as pleasurable as the aesthetic designs we make from them, it’s understandable why all the BeCozi products are exceptionally special.

We love to make the world a cozier place with our chunky products and you are a reflection of how well we are doing it.