What Claudia Schiffer Might Know

Celebrity fashion designers are not exactly jumping into super chunky merino wool for the couture they are creating. But just this week it was announced that Claudia Schiffer is using cashmere for the new outer wear collection she’s putting together with fashion label TES. And as cashmere and merino are the two most popular natural materials used for knitting, we should be happy that at least that C.S. is getting a little closer to what we all know…and love.

The sweaters Schiffer is developing were inspired by her travels through southern Spain. No doubt the stuff produced here will be of high quality and fashionable-and colorful she promises-reflecting what the super model saw in Spain, but we all know that the difference between cashmere and merino wool. Schiffer’s collection will no doubt be of a few specific pieces, as cashmere is a little bit difficult to create every type of item with; we know merino wool can be used to create almost every piece of clothing, from socks, gloves, hats, sweaters etc. Durability and spot cleaning are another concern when you consider cashmere over merino wool, and of course Schiffer picked TES as the company is known for their cashmere and a specific market they sell to who want to afford it.

Celebrity designers come from many media. Sports stars like Serena Williams to pop stars like Kanye have their names on/create popular fashion collections. And they can as much become known for a certain styles and products-Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers sell out in seconds online-as they can for the materials they use…like TES, and by association Schiffer now has with them and cashmere.

We,at BeCozi team, are planning to use an amazing super chunky Merino wool for sweaters and other knitwear in our Fall collection. Who knows, one day they might become as popular as Claudia Schiffer`s cashmere sweaters!