Is Your Knitting ‘Trending’ According To New York Fashion Week 2016?

Source: NYFW

Another New York Fashion Week has just passed. If you happen to even have a passing fancy to what might be ‘trending’ come the New Year, you might want to catch some of those soon-to-be-fashions making it across the runway in the past few weeks. Might chunky knitting, Merino wool, and all the other styles and materials we so love be part of what we see come this winter?

Trend-keepers like Elle and Harper's Bazaar have already predicted the mix and match of great big puffy outer-garments paired with evening wear. Nothing unusual there, as anyone who creates the fantastic hats, scarves, gloves and sweaters is proud to display their knitting over whatever they are wearing…haute couture styles or not.

Extra-long sleeves seem to be ‘in’ as well. This is great news for any of us making over-sized sleeves with our chunky knitting.

Hoods and hoodies seem to be especially trending with millennials (just look at how many you see of both in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Collection”). Knitting a hat or hood comes all too easily for us, so we can keep up with the styles there. And we all know, when one is wearing clothes for colder climates it’s best to keep your head covered.

Furs and velvets are said to the latest in cold outer wear styles…as we’d have to assume all those different types of wools we use for our knitting will be also.

True, one doesn’t have to follow a trend, and bucking styles is always the prerogative of any good knitter or designer. But it is nice to see what’s coming, whether you are passing by fashion blogs or indeed tuned into NYFW 2016 to see how close, or how far away, you might be to what’s trending.