How to Care for Your Merino Wool Product

how to care for merino wool product

Your beautiful handmade product has arrived on your doorstep. You open your package as if today were Christmas, excited to feel the yarn in your hands and start using the new addition to your home. But then you may wonder, "How do I prolong the life of this beautiful product?" We are happy to help you make your Merino wool last. 

First and foremost, your product that is made with Merino wool roving yarn is ready for use. There is no need for special preparatory steps - simply wrap yourself up in your blanket, or let your kitty explore its new bed.

As you continue to use your product remember that it is a delicate, handmade decorative piece created with a loosely spun roving. This is what makes your product fluffy and beautiful.

Due to the nature of Merino roving, flyaways and pilling is normal. To reduce this process and keep it looking its best, be gentle with your product. Don't let it rub against harsh materials that may cause the wool to separate. Instruct your little ones and pets to be gentle and treat the product as a delicate family possession. Try to keep it off the floor (unless you purchased a rug, of course) and away from high traffic areas in your house.

You can trim away the loose flyaways with scissors but pulling on them is not recommended as it may destroy the integrity of the yarn. 

You may spot clean your product by wetting a soft microfiber cloth and putting a drop of liquid detergent on it and patting the necessary spot a few times (detergents such as Perwoll are recommended). Repeat the process with the cloth containing only water to 'rinse' the spot off. Let air dry. 

Smaller products made of Merino wool can be hand washed. To do so fill a bathtub with cold water, put a drop of liquid detergent to dissolve, and submerge your small product in water. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Drain the tub and gently squeeze (do not wring!) the water out. You can also try gently rolling it in a towel to remove excess water, then lay flat to dry.

You can attempt to go through this process with a blanket, but realize the wool soaks up at least three times its weight in water and will become very heavy and difficult to handle. We recommend dry cleaning your blankets. 

Lastly, do not machine wash your Merino wool product, although theoretically it is possible but in reality all laundry machines are different and while some can wash a blanket just fine, the others will over felt it and it will look thin and hard. Do no do not use any bleaching products on your blanket.

Have questions that we didn't cover? Drop us a note with any comments. 

Enjoy your beautiful Merino wool product!