3 Reasons to Get Into Chunky Knitting Now

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting

Chunky knitting, extreme knitting, giant knitting. You've heard these terms before and are likely familiar with the now popular trend of using Australian Merino wool to make everything from fashion wear to home decor items. 

You may think chunky yarn and knitting are winter-only activities but here at Becozi we'd like to give you a few reasons to consider keeping your yarn and needles out of storage in the warmer months as spring and summer are knocking on our door. 

1. Creating a Community

We've talked about health benefits of knitting before and mentioned how good learning new skills is for the brain. Knitting keeps your brain sharp and helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

But there is also a reason why Knit-a-thons are as popular as they are: knitting can be a very communal hobby. Meaning you get to relax, learn new skills and hang out with your favorite people. 

Why not make chunky knitting a family activity? Get your kids to try something different and learn alongside them. You may be surprised by the results!

2. Those Cool Summer Nights 

Yes, summers are generally warm and sunny. But we also love the cool, breezy evenings whether we are BBQing, watching the fireworks or enjoying an outdoors concert. 

Why not consider making a chunky summer blanket that will keep you pleasantly warm regardless of your activities? 

Chenille yarn is the perfect summer alternative to Merino. It's easily washable, kid and pet friendly and is thinner so it will keep your body just at the right temperature. 

3. Sale Price Yarn

The colder months are almost behind us and we do end up cleaning out our inventory. Which means sales and promotions for you, our favorite customers! 

Take advantage of the Easter sale going on now and get some chunky Merino yarn in a beautiful pink or purple shade to celebrate the color of Spring. Or have us make a blanket for you and enjoy the splash of color in your home. 

No need for a coupon code, you will see the sale price already listed under the regular price. Happy shopping!