3 Steps to Begin Knitting With Chunky Merino Wool

becozi chunky merino wool blanket colorful spring mint yarn

Want to knit your own blanket but are a bit intimidated to start? Fear no more, we have the perfect solutions to getting you started on your chunky knitting journey. 

All you will need is some time to yourself, a little bit of determination and the necessary supplies.

Ready? Here are the steps to start your own knitting project. 

1. Our YouTube Channel For the Win

BeCozi has been devoted to providing our customers with the best quality
chunky Merino wool for their knitting projects.
But did you know we teach you how to use it too?
Our YouTube channel is a well of information on everything about chunky knitting, from casting to making your own cat bed.
We have a number of great video tutorials teaching you how to prepare the yarn, use it in your project and care for it after your masterpiece is complete.  
Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch our videos and share them with your family and friends - you never know how much your aunt may love chunky knitting until you share!

2. Pick Your Favorite Yarn

As you may know Becozi offers high quality 100% Australian Merino wool. But we have so much more! 

Here are some other options you may want to consider starting with: 

  • Vegan yarn. Excellent for those with allergies to sheep or who follow a vegan lifestyle. 
  • Skinny Merino. Perfect for smaller knitting projects and a great starting yarn if the super chunky variety is a bit intimidating to you in the beginning.
  • Chenille yarn. Our newest, awesomest addition and a perfect Spring/Summer alternative to the warm Merino. Chenille is washable, easily cleaned, pet and kid friendly and will keep your body just at the right temperature during your summer outings. 

Take a look at these options and see which ones fits your lifestyle best! 

3. Consider Needles

While arm knitting is popular and according to many quite easy to learn, it is perfectly normal to want to start knitting with needles. 

If you decide to go this route make sure you have the right tool for the task - Merino yarn is much thicker than regular yarn (about 2.5 inches wide) and you will need to use needles that are thick enough to support it. 

We suggest checking out these and considering them for your next project. 

Excited to start? We thought so! 

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Share your journey with us on Instagram, using hashtag #mybecozi. We love seeing your works in progress!