3 Reasons to Get Multi Colored Knits this Fall

Happy Saturday! 

The word "Fall" is clearly the most elegant way to describe a season. One word: COLOR. The food is supremely comforting. Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING. The smell of a fresh bowl of candy corn. Salted caramel is IN SEASON. Picking your won apples and those caramel apples, yummy! 

Fall is also the season when all our favorite sport teams starts playing and we are eager to go to a stadium to watch the exciting games.

Here at BeCozi we love different COLORS, that is why we have over 25 colors in stock for our super chunky Merino wool, 6 colors of super chunky vegan yarn and 11 colors of super chunky chenille yarn.

What we also love: to combine those colors! A combination of three colors on this blanket reminds us about Neapolitan ice cream:

You can find this blanket is our Clearance section, it is ready to be shipped.

These 4 color blanket is made from super soft and super fluffy chenille yarn:

This two color super chunky chain scarf is perfect to support your football or soccer team and stay warm watching their games:

Do not forget about your furry friends! A two color pet bed will be very loved by your kitty or a dog:

You can buy any of these beautiful products or the yarns to make them at becozi.net 

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