6 Knitting Tutorials to Try This Fall

chunky merino wool blanket becozi giant knitting
Happy weekend!
What is your favorite craft project during Fall months? Here at BeCozi we like to experiment with new knitting patterns and play with our chunky yarns. But what we love even more is sharing our passion for giant knitting with the rest of the world. This is where our YouTube channel comes in!
Today we'd like to share our most popular video tutorials that may, similarly, inspire you to try something new with our Merino wool, chenille or vegan yarn and start a new project this Fall!

1. Most Watched: How to Make a Cat Bed In 30 Minutes!

We all love our furry friends. There is something very special in making your cat a beautiful Merino wool bed, while he or she tries to lay on your knitting, play with your yarn and generally get in the way of you making any progress. We know that cats love the process as much as the result!

Learn how to spend that quality time with your feline by watching the video above (and please take photos of your cat interrupting you and post them on our Facebook page - we love seeing your adorable fur children). 

2. Introduction to Hand Knitting, Our Knitting Invention: How to Hand Knit a Merino Blanket 25x30 

This exact video shows how to make a baby blanket, but if you would like to make a bigger blanket just divide the width of the blanket you need by 2.5 - that will be the number of stitches to cast on.

3. How to Hand Knit a Round Pillow

A perfect small project to start your knitting journey with: even if you never tried it before, this tutorial will make it easy and fun to make these gorgeous pillows for your own home. 

4. How to Make a Chain Scarf

Very easy to make, this chunky knit chain scarf will be a perfect gift for Christmas if you want to surprise a friend or a loved one (especially perfect for those who are always cold! We all know that one person).

5. How to Knit a Chunky Merino Wool Sweater

For our advanced hand knitters: this a great project to satisfy your craving for something slightly more complicated - a super chunky Merino wool sweater!

One of a kind, super thick and warm. You can use thinner yarn and follow our video and still have a great sweater made in no time.

6. How to Hand Knit a Chenille Blanket 40x60

Last but not least, a tutorial on how to hand knit a super chunky chenille blanket, sized at 40x60 inches. As you can see in the photo above, you can even play with adding multiple colors to it to make it stand out even more! 

Whichever tutorial gets you started on your new knitting project - share it with us on our Facebook page and let us know your progress. We love hearing from our followers and customers! 

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Stay warm and BeCozi!