3 Reasons to Go Vegan with Your Yarn

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch
BeCozi was started on the first of January three and half years ago in what now seems as a far away year of 2016. Our sole offering was Merino wool and products hand knitted with this amazing fiber.
But as every business does, we evolved and changed. We listened to our customers. We tried everything ourselves. And through our trial and error we realized that we were accidentally excluding a lot of people who love knitting but simply can't use for one reason or another.
Despite Merino's hypoallergenic properties, some people still had a sensitivity to the wool due to allergies. Then, of course, there are folks who choose to lead a lifestyle void of any animal products and we wanted to support them and their hobbies too!  
Which brought us to the realization that we wanted and needed a yarn that was vegan, i.e. one with no wool or animal ingredients of any kind. And that's how we added our super chunky vegan yarn to our family. Suddenly we had a yarn that looked like Merino wool, felt like Merino wool but with no sheep involved in its creation whatsoever!
So here are a few reasons why you should consider vegan yarn for your next project. 

1. It looks and feels like Merino 

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch
Our vegan yarn is amazing. It is extremely soft and lightweight. It looks and feels like Merino so much that sometimes we confuse the two ourselves! But when you make a blanket with it - you will definitely feel the difference, as the blanket will be much, much lighter! 

2. No more sneezing!

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch
Vegan yarn is 100% acrylic, so it is naturally free of the irritants of wool. Not to mention it is simply perfect for any home decor project, whether it's for a lovely decorative blankets, throw, pillow, pouf, you name it!

3. It's less expensive

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch
You know what else is great about it? It's much less expensive. All those sheep need tending to which costs money. Vegan yarn is acrylic, so no sheep needed to raise, feed, shear and repeat.
At this point in time Merino wool is $29/lbs and vegan yarn is only $22/lbs. And to top it off, this week we have a 12% sale on vegan yarn and products made with it: blankets, DIY kits and pet beds Use coupon VEGAN12 starting now until next Saturday at 11:59 PM to snag this great deal.
When knitting with vegan yarn, tighter knitting is recommended as there won't be any shedding from the product while it is used.
We have 13 colors to select from so you can find your favorite shade easily. 
So, let's sum up the advantages of knitting with vegan yarn:
  • Blankets made with vegan yarn will look and feel like Merino but will be lighter and less expensive;
  • Any home decor items can be hand knitted with vegan yarn just like with Merino: pillows, rugs, wall hangings name a few;
  • Cat beds made with vegan yarn are much more sturdy and pets LOVE them! 
  • Vegan yarn CAN be washed but only if you knit it tightly and follow the regimen: cold water, gentle quick cycle and FULL load. Hang to dry, no dryer!

Give our vegan yarn a try and post pictures of what you make on our Facebook group! 

Watch our new video tutorial on How to Hand Knit a Vegan Blanket here!

Stay cool and BeCozi!