3 Tips to Start & Finish Your Summer Knitting Project

Summer is coming to a close and suddenly we are looking back to take stock of what we did during it. We evaluate the three short months we had (and in some parts of the world, summer was even shorter) and count our outings and trips. 

But did you count your projects too? We are not talking about the ones at work, those are probably too numerous to add up. We are talking about the fun ones, of course! 

Was it a salsa class you wanted to take this summer or try skydiving for the first time? Perhaps you are less of an adrenaline junkie and you wanted to pick up a new hobby or finally try your hand at hand knitting. Did you have a chance to do that? 

If not, this is the perfect time to do it! Before school starts, as the cooler weather approaches, you can finally make that chunky blanket you've been drooling over the last few months. It's easy, fast and you will love the results! 

So here are our 3 tips to make your chunky knitting goal a reality: 

1. Pick a low maintenance yarn 

For newbies we highly recommend our chunky chenille or jumbo chenille yarn. It's lightweight, portable, washable and so easy to knit with. You don't need to worry about maintenance, shrinkage, shedding or whatever else. Simply follow our videos or directions and you are on a roll!

2. Go for a color to complement your home decor

If your house is full of neutrals, a multi-patterned, bright blanket might be fun for a little while but you may get tired of the contrast soon. Stick to something that complements your decor but still stands out. Opt for light blues, lavenders, purples, taupe, etc. 

Likewise, if your decor is very bright and colorful, let this blanket be your grounding - choose a neutral color like gray, navy or off-white to make it work with everything in your home. 

3. Take advantage of our sales & clearance

We get it - summer is over and you spent all your money on traveling. That's why our clearance section exists! You can snag amazing items at incredible prices, so it's a total win-win! 

Make sure to check it out before you get started on your summer knitting project. 

All our yarn is on sale until Fall comes, make sure to get some before it ends!

Until then, enjoy the rest of the sunny days, stay warm and BeCozi!