4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Began Hand Knitting

becozi hand knitting things i wish i knew before i started

Starting any new endeavor is both thrilling and terrifying. The excitement over what one can create is almost equally matched by the fear of getting it wrong.

We all experienced it at one point or another, whether it was while learning how to ice skate as a child or learning a new language as an adult. 

But what if, just before you began your hobby or passion, someone was there to share with you a number of lessons they learned when first starting out. What if you could fast forward a bit in your creative journey by learning from someone else's experiences? 

Today we are here to share with you the four things we wish we knew when we started out to help those who will come after us - DIYers, crafters, hobbyists.

We hope you find these helpful and apply them to your own knitting passions. 

1. It Only Exists Online

If you go to Michael's and ask a store associate to point you in the direction of hand knitting tutorial books, you will only be met with a quizzical expression on their face. 

Hand knitting is a technique our founder, Larissa, came up with when arm knitting proved to be too laborious. It only exists in the realm of Internet, as chunky knitting is still a relatively new hobby and passion. 

To be in the know on all things hand knitting, subscribe to our YouTube channel and get learning! 

2. It is not Cheap

Chunky knitting is not a cheap hobby, as much as we wish it would be. Much like any sport or a serious passion you take up it requires commitment and resources, in this case meaning a stock of wool or acrylic yarn, needles, etc.

Given how far the wool travels to come to us, it's not surprise it's not cheap. 

If cost is a concern, start with small projects that will not hurt the budget and then move onto bigger things once you get the hang of it.

3. It's Contagious 

Once you make a chunky blanket, your whole family will want one too.

Don't be surprised to all of a sudden find a line of relatives waiting for you to knit a blanket for them. Take it with a smile and have fun in the process!

Make sure to trade them for babysitting nights or let them take you out to an expensive dinner as a thank you.  

4. It's Addictive

The wonderful thing about hand knitting is that it is easy for everyone, even the very beginners. The thrill you'll experience once you finish one item, in a fraction of time it would take you to knit a scarf from regular thin yarn, will make you keep knitting, over and over again. 

The beautiful part of hand knitting journey is that there is no limit to your imagination - if you can think it, you can make it. From blankets and rugs to pillows and toys for your little ones, it's a hobby that will benefit you and everyone in your family and bring joy for many years to come. 

Start your hand knitting journey here with our hand knitting tutorial and let us know what you end up making! 

In the meantime, stay warm and BeCozi!