5 Chenille Colors Perfect for Spring

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Cherry blossom season is upon us, and with it the daffodils are pushing up their green stalks out of the ground as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds more and more. In spring nature blooms in an array of colors that we can't help but love - pinks, yellows, greens, purples. 

Spring is also time for renewal, a new beginning, a new growth. A time to redefine yourself, find yourself anew. That may mean trying a new hobby or developing a new habit that you would love to cultivate. 

It may mean trying out hand knitting for the first time. Or starting a new project you've been too busy to try up until today.

This is the sign you've been looking for. Take a look at our favorite spring chenille colors and grab some for yourself today to get started. 

1. Raspberry Sorbet | Variegated Chenille 

Are you imagining fields of pink flowers or a garden full of raspberries? Either way this delicious variegated chenille color is just what the doctor ordered to chase away the winter blues. 

Make yourself a scrumptious blanket to cuddle under during those cool spring evenings on the porch. 

Buy yours here. 

2. Green | Chunky Chenille 

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Wind rustling through the green leaves in a grove. Laying down in a field of fresh green grass. Putting your toes out on the lawn and feeling the early morning dew on your feet. 

This green is the epitome of spring. Perfect for your sun porch as a blanket or your kids room to put a smile on their face. 

Make sure to make something lovely out of this color - you can get it here

3. Lilac | Chunky Chenille

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Can you smell the lilacs blooming just by looking at this picture? We sure can! Reminiscent of the gorgeous petals of this fragrant flower, our lilac chunky chenille is perfect for a bedroom decorated in pastel tones or for a little girls room. 

You can find some for yourself here

4. Baby Pink | Jumbo Chenille

This lovely pale pink doesn't just attract your gaze because of its color. Its material - our very popular Jumbo Chenille - turns anything made out of it into the most prized family possession. 

Just make a blanket big enough for everyone to fit under during those movie nights. 

Buy your baby pink yarn here

5. Rose Taupe/Light Lavender | Chunky Chenille 

Whether you would call it pale lavender, rose taupe or simply blush, this chunky chenille color reminds us of a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. Delicate and tender, this color is also versatile for any home decor style. Pair it with gray, navy or cream and see it shine.

You can purchase it here


Which color inspired you the most? Make sure to stock up and start creating something that will remind you of this spring, especially while all our yarn is on sale. You'll also have something lovely at home to show off your knitting skill - it's a win-win. 

We can't wait to see what spring creations you will make with our chenille yarn! 

Happy Spring and BeCozi!