Is Your Blanket Helping You Sleep Better?

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Whether you are a homebody or a social butterfly, we all have something in common - the desire to have a home we love. Be it yellow throw pillows or a black satin sheets, everyone's tastes are different when it comes to their dwellings. But one thing remains constant among all humans - the desire for comfort and security. 

Whether it is having the thermostat adjusted to the right temperature, or having the lights set on a certain dimmer level - we all seek to transform our surroundings to our tastes and preference to ensure comfort. Environments that are bright, airy and comfortable have proven to increase successful recoveries in hospital patients, and have been thoroughly linked to stress reduction.

But while our taste for wallpaper may be different, we all use the same item every single day - a blanket we curl under to get our beauty rest. 

Every night at lights out we snuggle under our blankets, whether they are duvets, comforters or the afghan our grandma has knitted for us years ago.

But did you know that the type of blanket you sleep under actually impacts the quality of your sleep?

Research has shown that heavy weighed blankets have tremendous impact on lowering stress levels, anxiety and have even improved symptoms of ADD in kids. Scientists explain that heavy weighed blankets respond to a need every human has – to be held and touched.

As a heavy blanket covers your body your body begins releasing tension, as the feeling is akin to a hug from a loved one, where you feel secure and protected. It also accesses certain pressure points that stimulate your brain’s hormone production. Happiness and bonding hormones like dopamine and oxytocin increase in our brains, making us feel happier, more secure and comfortable in our environments. And the best part is that it is easy to attain!

Our chunky blankets are just what the doctor ordered. Some of them are heavier than others - tube yarn and Merino yarn, for example. Chenille yarn will not give you heaviness but it will give you a soft and chunky looking blanket. Our tube yarn blankets and Merino wool blankets are stylish and easily complement any decor with so many colors offered; they are perfect for a nighttime embrace.

As another bonus of a heavy Merino wool blanket it comes equipped with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, not to mention it perfectly regulates your body’s temperature. It’s a win-win!

Recently we discovered how to remove Merino wool's tendency to shed and pill. Place your blanket in a washing machine on "Rinse and Spin" setting (cold water, 15-20 min) and then dry it on a drying rack. This helps make Merino fibers strong but they remain soft and cuddly, with no shedding or pilling!

So don’t put off better sleep, less stress and something beautiful to brag about to your house guests – check out our blanket collection and grab one for yourself today!

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Stay warm and BeCozi!